Level 2 exam
Sat Nam Rasayan® Healer

At the end of level 2, six months of free study follow, which serves for orientation, deepening and specialization. During this time, one client should be accompanied regularly over a period of three months.


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Sat Nam Rasayan Level 2 Exam
4.11.23 in Düsseldorf

The exam consists of 3 parts:

1. client report to document a case study
2. session during the exam
3. the exam talk with feedback and further exercises

You can find the registration form for the exam under »Procedure & Registration«

Please read everything carefully. We need all documents by 1.10.23.

Procedure & Registration
On site

Prerequisites for the level 2 exam:

  • You have received a Level 1 certificate to become a Sat Nam Rasayan® Practitioner.
  • You have completed 24 months in Level 2 with a total of 24 days with authorized instructors. The retreat in Perugia counts as 4 days.
  • At the end of level 2 you accompany a client over 3 months with at least 6 sessions on site. To do this, you create a written client protocol in English: in the protocol you make a note of each treatment, stating the date, symptoms, treatment method, effect and feedback.
  • The level 2 topics are familiar to you, at least one of them will be tested practically: FORMS (symbols), ELEMENTS, DREAM STATE, ART OF KNOWLEDGE, RESONANCE.

  1. If you meet the requirements for the exam you can register via the form. Deadline for registration is 1.10.23
  2. Then email your client log in English as a PDF or Word document (Document name: “level 2, first and last name” and please also state all contact details again in the document) until 1.10.23 to zertifikat@sat-nam.de.

Registration form

  1. Check-In and ask Carmen for the exam form.
  2. Please pay 108 € suitable in cash.
  3. Fill out the form and give it to Carmen Chandra before the exam.
  4. Exams will be held Saturday 4.11. after the workshop.
  5. Sadhu Singh may give you feedback or tips and yoga exercises along the way. A USB flash drive with 2 GB of free space for meditations can be helpful.
  6. Plan on about 1.5 hours for the exam and please stay until everyone has taken their exams! 
  7. If anything is unclear to you during the exam, please ask right away.

After completing the exam, the certificate “Sat Nam Rasayan Healer” is applied for. Since the certificates are issued in Italy, the written part must be in English. To ensure that the written part is not influenced by your English language skills, you are welcome to submit an original German version and an English version in addition.

We have no influence on the processing time of the certificates in Italy. We ask for your understanding if it takes a little longer.The certificates come from the International Sat Nam Rasayan School and are managed by Atma Kaur and Daya Singh.




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